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A little bit about us

As self-proclaimed pizza connoisseurs, we were tired of the limited style and quality of pizzas that were available for take-out or delivery… not to mention the shelf life on the leftovers. Because who doesn’t crave leftover pizza that tastes just as good the next day?

So we set out on an epic journey to the beautiful land of pizza to find the pie with the perfect balance of long-lasting flavour and convenience. While eating our way through the coast of Italy, we discovered the uniquely rectangular-shaped Roman pizza. In the bustling city of Rome, gourmet street food, particularly pizza al taglio, is the food of choice for snacking, lunch, dinner or anytime of day really! After the first bite, we knew that Roman pizza was the answer to our pizza prayers. Its light and airy crust serves as a canvas for a variety of tasty toppings like prosciutto, soppressata and gorgonzola, which taste just as good when reheated. With our own unique spin and months of recipe testing (and eating) with some true masters of Roman-style pizza, we created Stretch Roman Pizza Co.

Stretch is built on the belief system that delivery and take-out pizza can be a gourmet offering and that leftovers should taste just as good reheated.

When it comes to Roman pizza, it’s all in the dough!

Here is a little look at what goes into our process.

  • 01.The flour

    We source our flour directly from Italy, ensuring authenticity of our product. After conducting countless hours of testing we designed a custom blend formulated specifically to handle the lengthy fermentation process our dough goes through.

  • 02.The dough

    Each batch of dough is made daily and goes through a lengthy 48-hour rising period, delivering a mouthful of freshness in every bite. That is 2,880 minutes, 172,800 seconds. As they say, pizza gets better with age!

  • 03.The pizza

    What is the end result of 48 hours of care and attention? An easily digestible, light and airy crust that serves as the base to finish your creation with an array of fresh, locally sourced vegetables, artisan cheeses and premium meats.

Come stretch your imagination with us and personalize your own 36” pizza!

Our philosophy
  • We believe all our pizzas should be amazing. Our team trained in Rome, Italy, to master the art and technique of Roman pizza.

  • We don't cut corners on what we serve. We import our ovens from Italy, and we use only carefully selected, fresh top quality ingredients that you would enjoy.

  • We believe in being environmentally responsible where we can, which is why we use only hybrid cars for our deliveries.

  • We believe pizza can still taste great even from home or as leftovers. Just try it - we've left a little reheating tip for you on our pizza boxes.

  • We want to create honest moments of delight and happiness for you. We don't know if perfection exists but we have certainly given it a shot.

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