Stretch Leads the Charge on Roman Pizza in Vancouver, Press Release.

Vancouver, BC – 

Pizza delivery and take-out reimagined. This is the story of Stretch Roman Pizza, a little pizza shop that’s about to “stretch” the boundaries of pizza delivery and take-out.  “We’re introducing Roman pizza, or pizza al taglio, to the community here – it’s exciting to be bringing in a product we’re all so passionate about,” says Alex, co-owner. Stretch was created on the belief system that delivery and take-out pizza can be a premium offering and that leftovers don’t have to be, well, leftovers. “Pizza served hot and fresh out of the oven is a wonderful thing. Leftover pizza not so much. Because of the high hydration levels we work with, our pizza maintains the same great taste and consistency, sometimes up to two days after being served just by re-heating it. We actually promote that with instructions on our delivery boxes.”

The Stretch team is gearing up for a May 8th open and looking forward to serving the Gastown patrons. “I believe Roman pizza should be experienced by more locals here. The food is a perfect fit for what this community represents and enjoy. It’s great street food, as the crust is like a plate for the toppings for carrying that product on the go. The pizza is light and easy to digest. We have options for vegans, and so much versatility for large parties and offices. What other pizza can you find that’s 36” long?”

The Stretch ownership brings a wealth of pizza and hospitality experience within the group, with ties to Panago, Domino’s and Famoso Neapolitan pizza. In working together, the group is confident that they have created something special. “This concept has been almost 2 ½ years in the making as we wanted to make sure every aspect of the brand was perfect. We don’t know if perfect exists but we certainly tried to achieve that,” says Shaun, co-owner.

Team members spent significant time in Rome, Italy training with master pizzaiolos and learning the art of Roman pizza. “Rome was a wonderful experience and we really were the benefactors of some great teachings and training. Roman style pizza is extremely popular there with shops on every corner, great for research and development, less so for the wallet!”

So what will be a motivating driver for the Stretch team? “We will be community-driven, 100%. We anticipate partnering with many programs, charities, not-for-profit organizations, schools – really anything that aligns with the beliefs of our group. We also believe in being environmentally responsible where we can, which is why we’re using hybrid cars for our delivery vehicles.” Stretch is keen to start building relationships and events into its future. “We believe today’s customer cares about our values, and we want to do things the way we believe is right.”

So what will the launch look like? This team goes bold. With doors opening on May 8, their first morning will have an hour of free slices to anyone who shows the promotion on social media. They are sending tandem bikes along the seawall to encourage people to go try it for themselves. A media launch will follow on the evening of May 10th, with deliveries being offered throughout the night.   

About Stretch

Stretch Pizza is a Roman pizza shop offering dine-in, take-out and delivery in Gastown, Vancouver. Located at 415 Abbott St, its hours of operation are Sunday – Thursday, 11 am – midnight, Friday and Saturday, 11 am – 11 pm on holidays. To learn more, visit